Friday, April 30, 2010

Resuming: Life After Lent

Well, sorry everyone about April, the Great Black Hole of blog posts. April felt sort of like the down-hill part of a rollercoaster. It was a little out of control and the blog suffered because of it.

But the long hiatus has given me a chance to reflect on what it's like to be back on Facebook, and to talk about moving this blog in a new direction. (Does anyone know how to change the name of a blog when the previous title is outdated? Or should I just start a new one?)

Being back on Facebook feels like coming back to a positive community, although I do find myself falling into the same old patterns of thinking up status updates and wanting to check it constantly. I realize that my compulsion surrounding Facebook is more about me being compulsive than it is about Facebook per se, or any internet community for that matter. During Lent, my compulsive habits channeled themselves into other avenues such as email, blogging, and TV. It's good to know this about oneself, and to wonder what is going on that causes us to become obsessed by one thing or another.

I do currently feel a bit separated from some of the friends that I've made through Facebook, but I think this is a matter of reconnecting with intention. Friendship is, in great part, habit. However we order our days, the friends that fit into that routine become close for that time. In my own life I observe that if I change a habit, it does change the pattern around which my friendships are based. Of course, I'm lucky to have a few really good friends with whom I'm close no matter what is happening in my life or theirs. Those are people to be treasured! that I'm back to the normal compulsions, and now that April with its many distractions is finished, I will resume this blog.

I am currently helping to lead a small faith community here in Knoxville, which has formed around a desire for a meaningful prayer life, an open minded faith, and a place where people can truly come to worship as they are. We have been having weekly theological discussions around various issues, passages of the Bible, and 'burning questions' that some of our members have. I'll write about those, and what it's like to be part of a church community which looks so different from the traditional.

I hope you'll continue to read and comment!