Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 10: In Praise of Facebook

I was honored with a very kind email from a sorority sister from my Sewanee days today. She wrote in response to reading this blog, and it warmed my heart and reminded me of the many positive things I enjoy about being on Facebook.

It is because of Facebook that she and I reconnected after nearly 20 years. I have to sing the praises of our internet community for that. It is almost magical how in one day I can receive messages from people so varied as a college friend, a minister colleague, someone from my opera-singing days, a person from my home church in Florida, a neighbor, and a church member, to name only a few.

I find it fascinating that while we are starving for a feeling of belonging and community in our own back yard, we are thriving in community on the internet. And for a person like me, who is terrible at keeping in touch, it is a God-send. I am able to keep up with folks as far away as Tbilisi, Georgia while at the same time instant messaging my next door neighbor about the grey fox in our shared back yard. So many people from different parts of our lives all gathered into one ether-consciousness.

So, ten days in, I am reflecting in gratitude on how Facebook has enriched my life by putting me in touch with some amazing people around the world and from every phase of my life. It is a remarkable age we live in, and sometimes it does us credit to enjoy the way things are.

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  1. I love this blog and this post. I agree completely. Sometimes it is difficult to remember how I know someone when I want to send a message and tag a certain group...high school, college, family. They are all part of my family, almost like my own communion of saints, with no distinctions...

    welcome to RevGals!